Advanced Manufacturing Systems



Quality, innovation, service, excellence and advanced manufacturing are some of the concepts created within Qinfix®; It is truly an advanced toolkit for all types of industries.


Let us help you:


Contract Manufacturing, Services of NMI (New Product Introduction), Creation of Total Production Management Systems, Elaboration of Processes for Costing and P/L. (ITAKONA Process), Creation of Process Visualization and Process Control Techniques (MIERUKA), Product realization (COOP ~ MP), OEM, EMS, etc., contract based on Customer’s requirements, Interconnect production facilities.

Parts Inspeccion:

In-house or Customer’s premises. Quality Inspections Visual Inspections Electrical Inspections (except high power products >100kW) Physical Inspections Dimensional Inspections 3D equipment for detailed and precise inspection.

Quality and Engineering Systems:

In-house or Customer’s premises activity. Set up of Qualified personnel for Production, Quality or Engineering activities. Set up of systems and processes to assure TQM. Trainings (KAIZEN, LEAN MANUFACTURING, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, DATA ANALYZING, etc.). Process Control by Third Party. Quality Audits. Engineering Process Review. Loss Cost Studies. Organizational Improvement Projects (Analysis, etc.). Special Training Systems (SUPER DOJO ®)

Operation Representation:

Complete Operation representation or divided in stages based on Customer’s preferences. Short, medium and long term commitment availability. Process to establish a Mexican entity (Legal, Commercial and Functional obligations). Best financial advising to achieve best profitable operation. Patent process and Intellectual Property protection.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships


The activities of PCM CORPORATE are beyond the concept of a common business, it is dedicated to providing the community a real and tangible benefit.


HAATS has been developed to provide special programs of mass capture and processing of human talent and administrative control of this (Hiring, Reduction, Transfer, Rotation, and Maintenance).


Experts in managing recruitment processes through the identification and evaluation of local and foreign talents.


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